Osmanthus Consulting is proud to be able to claim a 100% success rate on all projects and engagements to date.

When AIP Publishing decided to build a much more substantial presence in China, we first enlisted Nicko to support the development of a strategic plan and then engaged him as an interim Country Manager in China. Nicko hit the ground running at full speed, integrating seamlessly into our team and taking on real accountability from the start. I've had a lot of lukewarm experiences with consultants who drop into projects but drop out just as quickly, people who never take on any sense of ownership or responsibility for an initiative's long-term success. But that's just not Nicko: He put everything he had into his work with us. He cared deeply about our success and engaged with the work as if it were his own business. Can I give more than five stars?

Dean Sanderson, Chief Strategy Officer, AIP Publishing

"We commissioned Osmanthus Consulting to put together a comprehensive China strategy and implementation plan. We were impressed with the level of analysis and insight that Osmanthus has provided throughout the process. The insight is based on a wealth of experience in managing businesses in Asia and it helped us in clarifying our strategic goals. BMJ senior management adopted the Osmanthus plan as the basis for our China publishing strategy and budget."

Anca Babor, Director of Strategy, BMJ

"We engaged with Osmanthus Consulting because of the broad knowledge and expertise of Nicko. His work is thorough and detailed and his in-depth analysis was extremely impressive. He was able to take a complex issue and offer realistic solutions and strategies in a space he knows well. We would engage with Osmanthus again in a heartbeat."

Emily Sheahan, Vice President & Managing Director, Copyright Clearance Center

"In early 2020, we enlisted Nicko to help support our expansion in China. He was tasked with carrying out an extensive market analysis and helping to develop our go to market strategy for supporting growth and lasting impact in China. Nicko proved incredibly adept at identifying and investigating the most relevant and impactful elements of the market utilising his deep understanding of the region, as well as his impressive range of contacts, to provide us with an in-depth 360-view of the key players and factors that we would need to engage with to ensure success. Originally on a 6 month contract, we extended this to enable Nicko to support our setting up an office in China; sourcing locations and staff for us to advance this aim. As our impact and activity expanded, so did our requirement for on-going analysis and insight and Nicko was always willing to go above and beyond to provide extensive assessments of all aspects of our expansion helping to inform a dynamic and evolving strategy to capitalise on successes and minimise risk. His dedication, and the thorough approach he takes to his work, ensures that the value of his input and outputs last long past their delivery. It has been a pleasure to work alongside Nicko and have him as a vital advisor and team player during this exciting time I recommend his services without hesitation."

Mathias Astell, Chief Journal Development Officer, Hindawi